Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mining the Collection

I'm working on a piece about translation and the slippage and subtle morphing inherent in any translation, visual or textual.  So I went back to some several-years-old journals from Italy looking for olive trees, wheat fields, and cicadas.  I redrew some pen drawings in pen as well as watercolor.  
Tomorrow I will carve small rubber/erasers of the tree and the field and cicada and also a Fiat.
Not sure yet which olive tree I want.  Think I like the one above, and I'll redo the watercolor of it. 
Or which field or section of field.
All will be small, around 2x3". 
The cicada will be smaller. 
Here's a rough sketch of a dummy of the book: 
The text is a poem of P's (in English) translated by our Italian friend G into Italian, and then my literal translation of G's translation back into English.  

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