Friday, March 3, 2017

Another Catch Up

Yesterday Nate and I walked down to the village for lunch at a bagel shop.  N suggested I draw a silkscreened print that was near our table;  so here are a couple of fish from the print.  After lunch we landed in the bookstore where N found a book of Lego robot ideas.  He and P spent a couple of hours making their own versions, and here are some of N's favorites.
I discovered that I really dislike drawing Lego creations-- too similar to cars.  I kind of like 9252 but sooo tedious!
After Lego building N got into the two chapter books he bought.
I love this drawing, N buried in his Lemony Snicket book.
Today P and I revisited MoMA alone and I got to draw a lot.  Above are details from favorite paintings in the 19th century collection.  I had never seen this eerie Munch piece.  He must have lived in a state of constant anxiety.
This piece is called The Prophet and looks very African to me.  But it is actually by an Iranian- Canadian contemporary artist who has been deported from the US.  The MoMA has a new program of installing work done by artists who are from drumpf's list of countries from which immigrants may not come to the US.  Excellent!  
For lunch we went back to the sixth floor cafe.  On the left is a view of chimneys and roof areas that we could see from our table.  On the right a kind of stuffed ex voto part of a sculpture by Joan Miro.  Oddly reminds me of late Louise Bourgeois prosthetic pieces.
On the right, my delicious if odd- sounding lunch.  On the left an Erik-type guy from NJ Transit waiting room.

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