Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sweet Afternoon

P and I drove up to our friends' house north of here to help them celebrate the publication of B's cd.  Check out this link to learn about it. There were eight of us in their cozy handmade house, playing music, cooking, talking, drawing.  Their house is full of treasures, a few of which are here.  Above are a glass heart and a little bowl of crystals with a small pair of stone birds.
I love the four piece tile mural  of which this is a detail, made by L and on the wall near the bathroom.
Truly the most wonderful seat in the house is inside the old claw foot bathtub with no water in the tub.  The slope of the backrest is perfect for reading and drawing.  The tub is surrounded by windows that look out at the woods.  I would spend much of the day in this tub if I lived here.
The bathroom is full of tiles, and here is a tiny tree tile that I particularly like.  And on the right is a view of the first little house that they built on the land, also seen from the bathtub.
A small copper (?) tub holds washcloths and sits on the back of the toilet.  The bird is from a small shallow bowl.

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