Friday, May 29, 2015

Maya's Bluebird

 This afternoon I picked Maya up from school, and we headed over to the fabric store to do some research for a few things we wanted to make. Maya wanted to make a bluebird, her current favorite animal.  We also wanted to get material to make a golden bug for her cousin N, who is coming to visit next weekend;  and we need to start planning the chuppah we're making for her Dad and stepmother-to-be's wedding this summer.

We left the fabric store with many ideas and possibilities as well as samples of materials for the chuppah.  For the bird Maya picked out teal blue crushed velvet as well as apricot brocade for the breast and some teal blue crocheted fabric to use as an overlay on the wings.  Above is her initial drawing for the bird.

Once she had drawn the bird she decided which pattern prices we needed, based on some other creatures we have made.  It took us three hours of trying things out, stitching, ripping, restitching, experimenting with unhemmed edges in places to add a feathery look, and responding to unexpected results that drove us to the final bird, which we both like very much.

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