Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Here's Jesse, caught coming out of a great roll.  It looks like he's grabbing a look at himself.  Two minutes drawing.

On the left is another quick drawing, this one of the metal crane in the waiting room at the acupuncture clinic.  Later this morning my student from Santa Fe arrived at my house to begin our intensive drawing and watercolor workshop.  She came bearing wonderful gifts from the west:  fetishes!  On the right is a painting I did as a demo for her using her own fetish as a model.

On the left is a pod from a spice bush, and on the right is the beautiful gift N. brought to me-- a pair of bound bison fetishes, carved from found stone by Wilson Romero, a Cochiti Pueblo man.  These remind me of the wonderful, eerie, laden figures that we saw in archaeological museums in Spain.  They hum and buzz with energy.

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