Friday, May 15, 2015

Drawing to See Better

Drawing helps me see better by slowing me down so that I move my eyes, blinking softly and often, as I see one tiny point along the edge of the pea leaf, then let that one blur out as I see the next point.  Relaxing is essential, and a spirit of curiosity replaces the tension of getting it right.  The more I draw, the more I see.

I don't stare or tightly focus-- sweeping movements hold spaces in which details emerge in their own time.

Drawing is research for sure, and curiosity always nudges research along.  These Egyptian walking onions are now starting to walk!  Tonight I noticed them bending down to touch the ground with their curious complex tops.  I can't wait to go down to the garden in the cool morning and see what the peas have done, draw the progress of the onions.

 Meanwhile, drawing also helps develop my visual memory.  I catch a detail and softly hold it in my mind during the second or two it takes to look down at the paper and transfer it.  As I draw more and more, I am able to remember more and more.  And the better I can visualize the better I can see.  And one day I might even be able to draw out of my head!

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  1. i've been busy and wandered over...i also love drawing and find the more i do the better i am (duh) BUT you're right about the better you see.