Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mapping a Downtown Walk

My friend and student N wanted to learn how to draw a map of a walk today.  We were downtown, and she doesn't live here, so all she saw was a confusion of streets that shift and spin, change names mid-stream, and end abruptly.  We wanted to go to a dress shop to sketch some things in the window and to the Ethiopian restaurant to which she wanted to go eat tonight. The map starts at the top left above, goes straight down the page, then back up to the top at the number 1, ending at number 2.
On the second spread the map continues at number 3 at top left, goes down College Street, veers right onto Patton, goes left onto Coxe (at the big dot that signifies a red light), then left onto Commerce, ending at the *.  The inset map is upside down.  N's map is much nicer than mine.  We had a lot of fun!

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