Monday, May 18, 2015

Excitement in a Minor Key

Michelle and I went for a nearly four-mile long walk this morning, through the woods and over the hills to her house, and then back to the beginning of the trail by a different trail.  We stopped at her house to see her garden, where the walking onions are bigger and  more robust than mine.  M explained the parts of a walking onion to me, what you could eat and when.  We wondered if this plant ever grows from seeds.  A couple of hers are getting flowers, so probably there IS a possibility of seeds--

And on the way back to the trail head we encountered a pretty black snake.  It was about four feet long, and when I first spotted it, it was all corrugated up in tight curves, extending about halfway across the path.  We stopped to watch it undulate across the rest of the path, which is slowly did, its little tongue flickering the whole time.  I've never been close enough to a black snake that was holding relatively still before, AND holding a pen and sketchbook, to draw it from life.
Back home in my garden peas are appearing!  The blossoms are still clinging to the tips of the pods, but by tomorrow they should be ready to pick and add to a stir fry.

Jesse strolled by and watched me draw until I started drawing him, whereupon he rolled over into a spectacular stretch.

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