Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big Catch Up Post 2

 There are so many drawings to upload.  I will keep text to a minimum, and trust the on-page notes to give enough information.  The next few drawings are out of order because I was using two journals at one time.  I ended up switching to the small one, and things fall into order from then on.

At the bottom of this page are some sketches made one day when we took a bus to the little town of Sant Feliu de Guixols on the Costa Brava.  We set out on a long walk to another town just as a  thunderhead was moving in.  The cliffs were reddish orange, and so high that after we climbed the gazillion steps up to the trail we were at eye level with seagulls who were zooming in to land on their nests in the cliffs.
seagulls , lavender flower, map

Another of those calendar pages
And another, this one the last.

This is the first page of the new book.  This was a fantastic book, made for me by my friend Carol using willow paper that we made together a couple of years ago.  It is the perfect size for me because it fits in my back pocket but is still large enough to draw in.  It has a soft cover that molds like a wallet.

The drawing on the right is of a family that had a little boy.  His stroller is pushed right up to the table, and his mother dug into the stroller bags constantly trying to keep the little buy happy.  The man with the hat seemed to be a friend, and there was another guy who kept getting up, so I gave up on drawing him.

Sunday isn't a good day to visit museums in Girona, so we walked around the very old city up on its hill overlooking the rest of the city. We followed a walk called the Passeig Archaeologica, where we saw some acanthus plants as well as other wonders.

We saw lawns full of Marguerites, those little white and yellow daisy-like flowers that I first remember seeing in Ireland.  The drawing on the right is of a window in a ruin that looked out into a tree.

More details from up on the Passeig Archaeologic;  and then, on the right, a girl and her Vietnamese pet pig scootering/trotting down one of the main streets in Girona.  The girl scooped up the pig and carried it under one arm across the street with her scooter under her other arm.

At top left is a from-memory drawing of the tricky way the waiter at Massana carried two loaded plates on one arm and hand.  Below the arm is a composite sketch of what all Catalan men under 40 seem to look like.
And on the right are three drawings of the two cats that live at our homestay.  They were long-haired cats that had summer haircuts-- very cute!
I stood on line for a really long time in the post office Monday one morning to mail home some things that I didn't feel like carrying.  I amused myself by drawing the backs of the people as they went  up to the side counter, where things mysterious to me took place.  The post office seems to have multiple functions, sort of like Italian post offices, where people also do some banking.
Don't despair-- we're getting close to the halfway mark here!


  1. vicarious travel with you is fun!

  2. ok, gwen, i jus got here from the present (reached here is going backward...anyway, this looks like it was a fun trip, and too short, perhaps?!