Sunday, May 10, 2015

Catch-Up #3

This is a ridiculous number of drawings to post all at once.  I should have just taken phone camera shots and posted with sketchy wifi.  But I didn't, so here you have the first of tonight's batch of 20.  These are from the archaeological museum in Girona. 

We then moved on to the Jewish Museum, also in Girona, where these two pages came from.

On our way home from the old city we passed through the Placa Constitucio, which includes some fish drain spouts and a fin-like vent of some kind on a structure in the park.  On the page to the right we were bouncing along in a bus on our way to Bangles the next day.  I was interested in the signage on the bus.  Since I know virtually no Catalan, the signs were somewhat helpful, but still a little mysterious.

This map I drew to help us find out way back from the lake trail.  We hiked around the lake, a beautiful trail with boathouses along the way for a while, then a small church.

At the archaeological museum we had seen exhibits of artifacts taken from the ground in Bangles, and references to a reconstructed Neolithic village along the edge of the lake.  We were excited to find the village, and even though it was closed to the public that day, an attendant took pity on us and let us in for a few minutes.

Further along the trail was this shock of yellow, a rape field in the distance.
And then the little church of Santa Maria de Porqueros, where we later learned our friends P and J were married.  On the right is a boathouse that we saw from the restaurant where we ate lunch.

People on the street in Girona.

I couldn't resist the shoes in this shoe shop.  It was very crowded, so I sketched shoes while waiting to try some on.  The colors were delicious!  I ended up with the bright orange flats.

Back in Girona, lunch on Placa Independenca on May Day.

The couple at the table next to ours, and on the right, a clever reusable sandwich wrapper that I found in a home supplies store.

At the splendid urban park adjacent to our apartment complex wild parrots were building a nest out of eucalyptus bark in the top of an evergreen tree.
Below, feral cats lounge in the park;  and on the right, a gigantic mural on a seven story high building.  Tomorrow:  The Final Catch-Up!

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