Monday, April 13, 2015

The Eight Original Necco Wafer Flavors

Have a Necco!  Which was your favorite flavor/color?  Mine was chocolate, a Necco in a class of its own, all the other flavors being a little too spicy, a little too tart.  But it was worth slogging through the whole roll just to get to the occasional chocolate one.  In our neighborhood we saved the white ones (cinnamon, and nobody's favorite) to use as Communion hosts/wafers for when we played Mass.  If we didn't have a stash of white Neccos we had to use a flattened Merita bread slice cut into little circles with a small jar lid.  We much preferred our Communion spicy and with a satisfying snap when we chomped it, and with a nice cool powdered sugary bloom.

I learned today that Necco no longer makes lime/green because a few years ago when they removed artificial flavors and colors they were unable to achieve a satisfactory lime flavor or color.  So if you buy a roll today you'll have only seven flavors, and they aren't exactly the right flavors either.


  1. favorite of mine was chocolate, also, with black licorice as a close second. fond memories...

  2. Thanks for comments-- I loved the way they crunched and the cool sugary powder on them. Interesting that they changed the recipe a few years ago to make them less unhealthy, got rid of the artificial colors and flavors.