Saturday, April 18, 2015

Botanical Garden

At our family outing at the UNCA Botanical Gardens this afternoon we discovered the following unexpected curiosities:  J and M found a viaduct through which a creek flowed, the walls of which were covered with really interesting graffiti. J leapt across the rocks and went into the viaduct to take some pictures while M watched him.  P and I found a plant called a perfoliate bellwort that has leaves (folia) through which the stem pierces a hole (per), hence its name, we assumed.  D and I admired dense clumps of star chickweed;  H and I found an unusual sculpture that was formed like a cup held by giant tree-like hands.  A very sweet visit and walk under lowering skies, and a few raindrops just as we were heading to Greenlife for dinner.

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