Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Letter Folds and Sketches on Them

     At the meeting tonight of the Book & Print Arts Collective  (click here for information about or about joining the collective) we had a short pre-meeting demo of making a book cover with pockets out of a single sheet of paper.  I was very much reminded of a letter I received from a friend in Barcelona that was folded in a tricky manner (4376), and that letter had reminded me of really old letters that folded into their own envelopes.  Once in a museum in NYC I saw a letter in which the negotiations for the purchase of Manhattan island were laid out;  it was written on one side of a piece of paper, and the paper was folded down into a tiny envelope.
     When I finished folding my envelope-like sheet of paper, I sketched a few people during the discussions that followed:

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