Thursday, April 2, 2015

Moving the Cows

F and I are both getting ready to leave on vacations; so we rushed last week to finish orders, and now we're actually getting some time to make bags for ourselves!  Drawing 4331 is of a nice, slumpy, soft little bag that I made out of a market bag from an epicierie in Carpentras in the south of France that F and I got when we were in France two years ago.  I like the relaxed slumpy aspect to this bag and am trying to get it in the larger carry-on bag (see yesterday's drawings).  This is easier said than done, but much analysis and prototype-making today has finally given me a good idea of how to proceed tomorrow.

I pulled into our road this afternoon on my way home and had to halt in front of a group of students who were getting ready to  move the herd of cows from a field on one side of our road to the pasture on the other side of the road.  I love to watch the moving of cows, and it was especially fun this afternoon as there are so many babies, and not everyone was happy to comply.  The students encouraged them to leave the little field, walk down a short slope, then cross the asphalt road (and keep going in spite of the distraction of a few cars), travel over another patch of grass, and then go through the gate and down the hill into the pasture.  A large cow and three babies refused to leave the little field.  The students were yelling Hooooooo bow-ah, c'mon!  The cows ran to the back of the field. Finally a student caught one of the babies and carried it across the street (4334) while the other students walked behind the mother, who was interested in following the student with the calf, and chased after the other two babies (4332 and 4333).  I drew as fast as I could but only caught the gestures.  Like drawing a river flowing!

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  1. on one of my old frequently traveled route a woman took her cows across the road twice daily. i loved that.