Friday, April 3, 2015

Little White Mystery Flowers

In the woods today up on a high trail, slightly different ecosystem from the trails on Jones Mountain, A and I came across a large group of little white flowers unknown to us.  At first we though Solomon's seal for the unfurling feeling, but Solomon's seal only unfurls leaves and then drops its little flowers.  We would guess liliaceae family for the parallel veining on the leaves, but beyond that it's a mystery.

Up in the left hand corner of this page is a nice sample of yellow celandine sap.  The flowers are beginning to emerge, and the sap is up and plentiful.  Has anyone out there ever used this sap as a dye or ink?  The docent at The Cloisters told me it was used in Medieval times, but she didn't know details about how it was prepared for use or if it could be used as is.

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  1. i think your vellum journal is very wonderful! you might want to check out two guys using old ways for making color: nick neddo and randy asplund (i hope i've got that right!)