Sunday, April 5, 2015

More Chiaroscuro

For today's chiaroscuro drawings I started out with Jesse but then switched to some of the nuts and seeds left over from last fall's frenzy of seed and nut collecting.  Those with dehiscent lines have split open; others have wrinkled and are beginning to lose their outer husks;  and one is beginning to expel thousands of tiny dandelion-like feathery seeds.  The pecan has developed a few splits and some chunks of shell have fallen out.  I don't know if the pecan was helped along its way by someone playing with it or if the inner meat froze and swelled when the temperature dropped below zero, thereby starting some hairline cracks.  All of these nuts/seeds have sat on a table on our back porch all winter.

It was very tempting to use lines on these small objects;  but I made myself slow down and draw the values and textures.  Slow and oddly relaxing.

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