Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Odd and Lumpy Little Things

These are very quick watercolor sketches of things that sort of fit with the reject frozen Charlotte doll from the past two nights.  (Sandy Webster wrote and filled me in on the identity of that doll.  F told me more about how she found it.  My little statue was apparently made in Dresden but was a factory reject.  F found it in a bucket in a very nice antique store.  The store owner was startled that she wanted to buy a couple of them  because of their imperfections.  I wish I could find the whole bucket full! )  Check out the link to find out more than you ever wanted to know about these interesting creatures.  I love mine in its broken and flawed state better than the spiffed up collectables, but then I really like the three unspiffy objects on this page.

On the left is my trusty weather virgin, who faithfully predicts the weather after nearly twenty years of gathering dust on a shelf in my studio.  Her glittery apron-like pink thing turns blue when when fair weather is coming and pinkish when rain is in the forecast.  Next to her is Longing Man, a small ceramic figure with no facial features or clothing but with the word Longing written across his chest.  I bought him from a junk store, and he hangs on the wall, waiting and longing, thanks to a hole in the back of his neck.

On the right is a clunky, heavily cast lizard from a market stall near the entrance to Pompeii in Italy.  He could be a paperweight, but I just keep him on my studio fireplace shelf where he stares out of his glinty eye day and night.  He kind of looks like an ash-covered victim of Vesuvius.

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