Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Sketchbook, Yummy Paper

The little book that I am starting today is one that I bought in Barcelona by a man from Venice who runs a cartiera or paper company/mill called Cartiera Clandestina (Clandestine Paper Mill).  His name is Marco Brunello and you can see something about his projects at this link.  This book that I have is made out of a recycled old book.  The end pages are used as the cover, and the text pages are made from pulp with chopped up text added to the pulp. 

The paper is heavenly to draw on!  Even though it's somewhat heavy and a little bumpy, my pen sank happily into the surface, and the lines were crisp and fine.

Jesse consented to pose for this first page int he new book.  He has started spending all day on the roof of P's car in the shade of the carport. 
On this page I began drawing profiles for use in the seed/boat/bride/girls piece.  These are all drawings of sculptural pieces at my house-- a santo, a couple of ceramic pieces, and a clay mask.

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