Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lovely Recycled Jewelry, a Sheep, a Portrait, and Some Scenery

Tonight's post includes yesterday's drawings as well as today's.  This is a tough week for blog posting!  I'll try to keep up, but may end up doing a catchup in a few days.  A couple of overnight guests,  a party over here, a very busy weekend-- but I will keep drawing!  Here on the right is my friend M with whom I went canoeing early yesterday morning.  We had pulled into a little swampy area and sat visiting and sketching while a kingfisher and other water birds rustled around and darted in and out of the trees and bushes.
After I drew M I drew the quiet little backwater where we were sitting.  And on the right are all eight of the now-nearly-grown turkeys and their mother taking a dust bath in our front garden.  A fantastic fluttering of wings and feathers, massive grooming, puffing and fluffing-- great to watch.
This afternoon I picked Maya up from school to come over and work on some projects and spend the night.  I drew this patch of mountains while waiting in the car line to pick her up. On the right is a bracelet that M made out of some old sequiney trim that a friend gave us.  She attached a little silver cat that was once an earring to the bracelet so that the cat looks like it's climbing a glittery wall.  She designed it completely by herself.  She used Velcro as a closing.
 On the left above is the sheep we made today.  This one has mint green ears, legs, tail, and face with a white body.  This one has hanging ears and looks more calm than the racing sheep that we made last week.  On the right is the second bracelet Maya made out of trim and an old earring.  She had a couple of other clothing ideas, but we ran out of time.  (Be sure to check Jacob's creepy photographs from this past weekend at the old barn on campus and outside of one of the eerie tuberculosis hospitals near here.)


  1. Love this, Gwen! Sorry I haven't been reading lately. My illness took a nasty turn! Will catch up as can! Keep going! My goodness...over 3,000!

  2. eel better, CC! I miss your voice!