Thursday, September 4, 2014


I worked on a small rubber block carving to use in some new work, so tonight's drawings include a couple of prints (proofs) of that.  Also the carving tool itself, and a stuffed version of the girls, and then a boat that I made out of sticks and sausage casing a few years ago for the girls.  Trying to bring girls, woman, and boat together in this seed piece.  Still diverging and holding back from racing to a conclusion.  (This paper does okay with light watercolor, but it's unevenly sized, it seems.  It did fine when I painted the boat and the girls, but the tool bled a little.  Must be a surface size, unevenly applied. ) I really enjoy working with it, especially with pen.  The prints show very fine vertical lines going the length of the page, probably from the mould or maybe the couching blanket?

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