Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eratum and Continuation

Yesterday I painted the little statue that F brought me from California, and I identified it as being from Greece.  It turns out that I misunderstood yesterday, and this little statuette (above, left) has a much more interesting history.  It's actually from Dresden, where it was made in a ceramic factory but thrown away as a mistake.  The man F bought it from had gotten a bucket full of these little cast-offs, wounded and broken and strangely lovely.  So it was never intended to be sold, which makes it even more interesting to me.  Here's a side view.  It stands about 4" tall. 

Today's dehiscent capsules are opening a small amount from yesterday.  The chestnut, on the right, is now showing  wing-like things on two sides of the nut!  And small round, black seeds are falling out of the moonflower vine capsule.