Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Catch Up Post from a Crazy Busy Week

This past week afforded some opportunities for satisfying drawings, but absolutely no time for posting them.  So here they are now.  Starting out, on the left is a view of Elisa sleeping in on our sleeping porch the first morning she was here.  All I could see was her tumble of golden hair sticking out of the pillows and duvets as she slept off jet lag and slept through the racket of birds and distant chickens calling up the sunrise.  On the right are some nut/seed paintings that I made of nuts that Elisa and I collected on a River Trail walk later that  day with us.

 In the afternoon we went downtown and walked around, beginning at Malaprop's bookstore of course, where we saw these two guys in the cafe.  On the right, more seeds and pods.

Elisa teaching a workshop at Asheville BookWorks in English and doing a terrific job while I helped a bit with translation and quickly sketched her in between.  More seeds and pods.  (The workshop was about getting books started on the topic "Seeds" for the Barcelona ILDE festival in April;  hence the seeds, which were sitting on the table in front of me.)

Sunday night was Jacob's birthday celebration at Wasabi, and I tried to draw the fantastic wooden sushi boat that was on our table.  The sushi was disappearing as I drew it.  On the right are two sweet gifts that I was given yesterday and today.  Elisa made a silver dragon-with-copper -book pin for me (and one for L) using the lost wax process (cera persa in italiano).  My drawing is in no way an accurate reflection of the loveliness of this piece.  And today F gave me a tiny ancient statue from Greece (I think) that she found in California while she was traveling the past three weeks.  Again, my drawing is only an impression.  The actual statue is delicate and wonderful to hold as well as look at.
And as proof that I really AM back at it, I drew these just now.  I'm focusing on dehiscent capsules as they slowly unzip themselves and release their contents. I plan to draw them every day until they completely release the seeds or nuts inside.

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