Sunday, September 7, 2014

Drawing in Hidden Places

Before going any further, check out jacob's blog for today.  His Beaver Lake photos will give you the context for these drawings.  Early this morning he and I set out in our canoe for a hidden bog that is kind of cul de sac off of Beaver Lake, the big lake in North Asheville that we canoe on.  I spent all my time drawing water pickerel plants and SEEDS!  I came home and researched them and added notes, which are squeezed between the drawings.  Jacob;s photo of these seeds is perfect and captures the oozey squishy boggy feel of the seeds in the hidden interior of their pod (which was itself half-hidden in the ooze of the bog) deep in the interior of the bog itself, hidden from all but the most intrepid swamp seekers.
And then after our adventure in the bog, we dropped off the canoe at the dock and hiked down into an overgrown and hidden trail that led to a waterfall that we've visited before.  I sketched as fast as I could while J scrambled over the rocks and got down near the rushing water.  This is a kind of Where's Waldo.  Can you find Jacob in here?

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