Saturday, September 14, 2013

Summer Leftovers

Today feels like the first real day of autumn, even though that's a week off.  It was chilly enough this morning to need the car heater, but by afternoon the sun has warmed things back up.  The air is dry for WNC, about 72% humidity, and the gardens are withdrawing into themselves.  My husband did a big cleanup the other day and put away the garden tools and other garden stuff that lives on the porches during the summer.  We were sitting outside just now and I noticed a few leftovers, so that's what today's drawings are of.  On the left side of the right side page are a splayed out push broom in front of a spade, and to the right an old trellis that's leaning against the side of the house.

On the far left is a little brass hose piece.  In the center are a few scarlet runner beans from last summer that never got planted this year and are still living on the front porch table.  Then a droopy plant support, and on the right, the gardener's old sandals, purchased at the beach at South Haven, MI,  in 2003 and now relegated to being mud shoes.

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