Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lawn Art, Landscapes, Treehouse, and Sculpture

This afternoon I headed out on a different walk than I usually take.  I came out the front door planning to walk around to the backyard and go out the stile into the high meadow behind our house.   I took only about three steps when I found something to draw: a ceramic garden goddess that sits in a corner of our front porch garden and usually has an ants' nest under its chin.  The next thing I encountered was a little cast cement statue in the back yard.  We're getting ready to dig up the young oak tree that seems to be growing out of the statue and plant some spring bulbs in that garden, which right now is a weed patch with a statue in the middle of it.

When I got to the end of the trail through the hedgerow behind our house, I came to the tree house that two of our grandsons repaired last week when they were here. Originally built by Jacob and me with the help of a carpenter friend, it has been neglected for the past couple of years, and Tallis and Luca decided they would fix it up, which they did very quickly and very well.  So I drew a corner of it.
The tree house overlooks the valley and the mountains in the distance up on the high meadow.  Cows were grazing in the distance, and behind them were the mountains with dark clouds moving in.  After the walk and dinner, I drew two art objects from our living room while watching a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad.  On the left is a boat sculpture that I made a few years ago and have hung in a window, and on the right is Alice Sebrell's wonderful duck-head pyramid-themed piece.

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