Friday, September 20, 2013

Contest: Can You Identify a Common Thread in the Drawings in This Post?

First thing this morning I went to my beloved critique group at BookWorks.  During the session I drew Frank's profile and also Margaret's fantastic papier mache sculpture "Tessie."  I am going to buy/trade with Margaret, so Tessie is coming to live with me!  To learn more about Margaret's work check out her blog at

Also at crit group I drew Heather's bag, which Fran and I made for her a few months ago.  Her bag is all text, black and white, really really cool.  You can read about her bag at  I believe her bag is featured in the last post I've made. ( I really AM going to start posting to that blog again.  We've made many things lately that deserve posts.  The 10,000 have sort of absorbed all the time I have available for blog posting.)

Below Heather's bag is a large hornet's nest that I just drew a few minutes ago while walking down from halfway up Jones Mountain.  All the leaves had fallen off the branches around the nest.  The nest looks sort of like a mummy's head, both in the drawing and in real life.

This afternoon I found myself in City Bakery for my weekly fix of a turkey-avocado-bacon on ciabatta, standing outside the bakery case staring in while waiting for our sandwiches.  I drew some nice looking vanilla cheesecake and a pile of chocolate eclairs.  Reminded me of how when I was teaching drawing class at the college I used to go to the grocery and buy a supply of the most lurid colors of cupcakes I could find and bring them to class so the students could do Wayne Thiebault-like pastel drawings of them.


  1. Replies
    1. That's as good a thread as any I can think up! This was really more of a challenge than a contest.

  2. I can't identify the common thread, but I enjoyed your posting anyway.

    Your books helped me enormously on my way to keeping a sketch journal. I don't make my own yet, because I have so many others to fill first, but if I live to be really old, I'll get around to it. chuckle.

    1. I'm so glad to have been of help to you. Journals abound! I only started making my own because I couldn't find store-bought ones that had my favorite kind of paper in them. If you like the ones you can buy, good news! More time to draw!