Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hard Working Drawings

When I have any kind of design problem to solve, I need to think it through by drawing.  Today I needed to design a way to stop a strap from twisting where it joined the D ring of the bag it was on.  I drew the problematic joining and then various ideas for fixing it without dismantling the entire bag.  Tomorrow at work I will do the actual fix, using today's drawings as a guide.  (see to see what this bag looks like as well as to see others if you're interested.)

Later on I went out to the back porch to work on an old chair seat that I'm re-caning.  Jesse was determined to be involved , not a good plan.  He loved the whiskery strips of cane and would wildly dive bomb me as I was working with them.  I finally had to put him outside, where he sat mournfully at the screened door staring in at all the fun.  I finished the chair seat!

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