Monday, September 9, 2013

Late Afternoon Downtown

My husband and I went downtown late this afternoon to run a couple of errands and then go to dinner and walk around afterwards.  I hadn't had a chance to draw at all today, so this page is full of warm-up drawings, wobbly and from different points of view; but I enjoyed studying the little dishes and the ever-funny napkin bouquet.  We were sitting at a window table, so I drew some people waiting for a bus across the street.

After dinner we walked over to the park at the center of downtown.  We sat on a bench near some water features where kids were playing.  I spent a long time drawing some old buildings across from the park as the sun set.  Then I noticed a left-behind little bead bracelet on a platform just behind where I was sitting, so I drew a close study of that.  And to finish up I made a quick moving sketch of a man who was juggling three balls in the middle of a grassy area of the park.  He had been juggling for the entire time we were there.

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