Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Floppy Kitty Jesse for Nate

Maya came over to spend the night tonight so that we could work on Nate's yellow ochre kitty.  When we were in New York a few weeks ago Nate asked us to make this for him, so since he's coming here this weekend with his family, we had to get moving.  We made the cat out of some of our stock of fake fur.  Luckily we had enough yellow ochre fur to make a little floppy, splayed-legged kitty for him.  Here's a kind of goofy drawing of him on the right.

Here's another drawing of Kitty Jesse (so-named because he's the same color as Jesse, and Nate has always called Jesse "Kitty Jesse."  And on the right is a quick contour drawing of Maya purple, pink. and green high tops.
  After sewing, dinner, and a movie, Maya and I had some Sleepytime tea to get ready for a chilly night of sleeping out on the porch, probably the last night we'll be able to sleep outside this summer.  While we were drinking tea we were playing around with pencils, and Maya offered me her red-lead mechanical pencil to draw with.  So I drew two of her prized possessions, a pen that has a bluebird built into the handle, and one of her Littlest Pet Shop pets.  The lead is so thin it looks pale pink.  On the right is a watercolor sketch of Kitty Jesse.  This one looks the most like him, splayed out and floppy, good for clutching under your chin while you sleep.


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