Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mysterious Wheel, Tea Cakes, Bespoke Case

Walking with my friend Linda this morning I spied what looked like an old mill wheel in a creek in the park near the lake we were walking around.  I scooted down the bank a bit to get a better look.  It was, indeed, a large water mill wheel, but it wasn't in place in the creek.  It was planted in the ground at the edge of the creek, turned into a piece of lawn art.  It looked like a strange ferris wheel rising from the underbrush in the woods.

Later I met another friend at Dobra and couldn't resist drawing the beautiful tea cakes she had ordered.  On the left is a tiny ceramic dish of pumpkin seed cakes and on the right a dim sum-like dumpling/cake called daifuku.  At the bottom is a brass bell that is used to call the server when you want to order.

And finally a late-night drawing of a kindle case that we made this week for a kindle that has a heavy plastic protective case.  We've made kindle cases before but never such a bulky one.  To figure out the pattern we first turned a cereal box into a life-sized model of the kindle-cum-case and then built the case around the model.  The top view is the front, showing an opening on the right;  at the bottom is a diagram of the opened, empty case, and then a side view showing the elastic bands that hold the kindle with case into the outside case.

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