Thursday, January 28, 2016

Skip This If You're Bored With Meeting Notes!

At tonight's think tank I started by drawing an interesting rocking horse that was high up on a shelf near the ceiling, across the room.  The side of the horse was a boat -shaped piece of wood with the horse's body painted on.  A rope tail hung down (on the right) and the little piece on top to the right of the head must be a seat back.

All the rest of these are self-explanatory.  Here's hoping I can get a drawing to show up when I post this to FB!  I think it's a matter of luck.

1 comment:

  1. Well I am giving up on getting the drawing to show up on FB notification. I just spent an hour trying to fix the issue, even redid the template in hopes of forcing the magic whatever-it-is to show the first drawing instead of the header by moving the header, to no results. For a while I couldn't even get the thing to post to FB. I think there's something going on with Blogger/Google in that Google is trying to get everyone to use Google+ instead of FB-- just my thought, no proof. Grrrrr.