Monday, January 25, 2016

Piggies in Winter

 M and I walked down on the farm this morning in search of animals.  There were some field-raised pigs roaming around, and on the left above is one of the little quonset huts that serve as field shelters. The pigs were too far away to get good details, so we went over near the pig barns and found some pigs in a fenced in area of the woods.  The one above was snuffling around in the snow looking for something, using its nose as a very effective shovel.

The pig in the woods enclosure moved constantly, so we went down to the pig barns in search of a sleeping pig and found two boars, one awake and one asleep.  Most interesting to us were the sharp little tusks that were growing out of their mouths.
The sleeping boar afforded the best opportunity to study a tusk.  Another interesting feature were their tails.  Sometimes they hung down like bell pulls;  at other times they snapped into curls like cartoon pig tails.  The sun shone brightly and the snow was crunchy on top.  The trails are still frozen as well as the two big ponds!

Guest Bloggers

 A group of friends were supposed to go on a sketch crawl last Saturday at Tobacco Barn but we were snowed out.  SO I am posting sketches that two of them made from inside their houses that day.  The one to the left is by Jane Voorhees, all painted from a window of people outside in the snow.
 These last two are by Carol Norby, drawn inside her house.

Thanks, Guest Bloggers!

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