Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mud Maps in Color!

 Despite an icy wind and temperatures in the low 40s, despite the promise of sucking mud for much of the trail, I set out near sunset for the east River Trail wearing my wonderful new Keens that actually fit.  They are leather ballet flats but the soles are walking shoe soles, almost the same shoe as my summer canvas Keens flats only a full size larger to account for the Keen size issue.  No more bumping of toes!   My feet were so happy.
Much of the trail, which I mapped on my way back from the big ponds, was under water or deep mud.  Some places had grassy edges that were good for walking;  other places were narrow enough that I could put one foot on each side and sort of hop-jump along.  But a couple of places were hopelessly muddy, and there was no way around.  I dragged some branches to make little bridgy things to step on so that I didn't sink deeper than the rims of my shoes.  There are so many trees down.  We have had two dry days in a row, but the ground is so saturated that 80 -90 foot trees are leaning over in the occasional high winds and uprooting themselves.  It's interesting to see how the trail changes itself so quickly.

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