Thursday, January 7, 2016

Research and Design Notes

F and I spent some time today working out the bugs on a water bottle holder that we were making for a customer who wanted a cat on a red background.  The cat that we found was on a bag of cat food, naturally,  silvery with black and white.  After we pieced the cat face onto a piece of red from a dogfood bag, we thought it would look interestingly industrial chic with a handle made out of some clear plastic that F's partner had found on a construction site.  The strapping material had indentation marks from cut-out edging.  It was thicker on one edge than on the other, and its curving side, which made it look so good, made it hard to turn into an adjustable-length strap.  So we had to invent a way to attach the strap to the bottle holder that would make it easy for the owner to adjust.  These are the drawings that I made to help us think through the plan we settled on and to duplicate it should we want to use that strapping material again.

And to the left is a fuzzy photo of the finished water bottle holder.  The owner can make the strap longer by untwisting the wire fasteners and moving the strap up or down so that either one or two stations are used on one or both sides.  We finished off the ends of the wires so that there are no pointy ends to scratch or catch on clothing.

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