Monday, January 4, 2016

More Warm Colors for the First Snow Flurries

At Book Club this evening a bowl of warm yellowish orange citrus fruit, Parks' non-fruit-cake-like fruit cake, and E's soft suede boot.

And lemony lemons not from a limonaia or even from a sweet little tree like the one below, which belonged to my friend in Italy, whom I met one of the first times I visited.
I had  stopped to sketch this little lemon-laden tree in its giant clay pot.  A woman came out of the house and we managed to speak enough (me with the most rudimentary of Italian, she with no English, but both of us pretty good with gestures) to understand that I adored her tree and she was pleased to have me draw it.  She ended up bringing me some cake that she had just made and a dish of strawberries from her garden.  


  1. one of the most surprising things for me when i became friends with an amish family was their lemon plant/bush. the girls had planted seeds from a lemon and by the time i'd gotten to know them it was around two feet tall and bore a precious lemon or two at a time in their large "work room" (where the quilt frame would be set up) even in the harsh north country winter. the girls were so proud of it and i'm sure the precious lemons became luscious pies.

    1. An amazing feat! I have tried to grow potted lemons seberal times but they always succumbed to scale , even after winters indoors and summers in the hot sun.