Monday, January 11, 2016

Really, This Thing Can't Be Titled

This morning the temp was in the mid twenties, and P and I set out to see what had happened to the extremely wet trails in the sudden hard frost.  These drawings don't look like much, but they represent the oddest phenomenon:  frost heaves lifting up sheets of ice on top of deep puddle gullies.  From the top, (6309) the ice appeared to be floating like flat clouds above a dark landscape.  When we got down low enough to see under the ice, we could see that the ice plates had been lifted by those weird stalagmite-like frozen tubes of soil that make up frost heaves  (6310).  The frozen puddles looked like the area under an overpass after an earthquake might look.  In 6311 you can see some frost heaves from the side lifting up bits of litter and duff from the surface of the now dry trail.

Another aerial view, this time of a long narrow puddle that had a rim of frost-lifted ice surrounding a dry center.  See 6313 for the side view of this one.  On the right are some quick sketches that I had to send to two different people that I was texting with at the same time:  I just gave the whole page a single number because these were just dribbles of drawings.  On top left an example of a way to stand up a legless figure, and the rest are dealing with the dog carrier design, which has had to have some changes due to the dog's unwillingness to be dropped into a carrier.

More thoughts on the dog carrier, turning the seat into more of a burrito wrap without leg holes.
These five are the animal totem paper doll clothes that I've been working on with a friend in Barcelona, who is making the dolls out of flat metal.  I sent her a printable file just now so that she can print it, cut them out, and see if they come close to fitting the dolls.

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