Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Neighborhood Becomes Haunted

One of the best things about my neighborhood is the ancient ruin of a silo that stands at the end of the road and  faces our houses.  I love the silo in all seasons and at all times of day.  The five arched windows (really openings in the silo where an old elevator shaft-like thing used to move silage and grain or whatever goes into a silo down to a chute) frame interesting shadows that change shape by the hour.  There is no roof on the silo, so light pours in through the top; and the angle of the sun contours the shadows.    As the sun's angle changes through the seasons, the shadows also change angles.

Most wonderfully,  as halloween approaches every year, the college farm crew students climb up and place carved pumpkins in the openings, and on halloween they usually light the little pumpkins!  And after halloween they often abandon the pumpkins, and it's great fun to watch them slowly slump in and melt away over the next few increasingly cold and windy weeks.  Today I noticed that the pumpkins have been placed and are now haunting the neighborhood!  In a celebratory mood I bought a little pumpkin for our porch table, shown at left.  AT the right are this year's pumpkin faces.

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