Friday, October 16, 2015

Chicken Studies

Cool sunny afternoon in the college garden that runs along one side of the trail.  Chickens lure me off the trail to lounge in the sun and sketch these girls and the two badboy roosters that parade around and periodically jump on top of them, leaving the girls slightly flustered looking but otherwise only momentarily interrupted from the serious business of pecking in the grass.

The tribe of giant Jersey blacks have been integrated into the larger flock, but they still stick together and even sit in a pile a lot of the time.  On the left is one of them fluffed out under some tall weeds in the middle of the yard.  After drawing the rooster's comb several times it hits me why that thing is called a comb.  It really looks like one.  My pen is moving as fast as the chickens!


  1. Hens are kind of relaxing to watch as they cluck, cluck while pecking the grains off the ground and move around. I like your drawings that look like real chickens

    1. They're relaxing to me too! I can't figure out why. Maybe because they seem totally unplanned and unconcerned.