Thursday, October 8, 2015

Seeds to Save

The public library in Maplewood, NJ, has a seed library where library patrons can deposit seeds saved from their gardens and pick up seeds from their neighbors' gardens.  Here are a few of the zinnia seeds from yesterday's desiccated zinnias.  Anybody want to trade?


  1. Hi Gwen. I have admired your work for so long - from 15 years ago when the art teachers introduced me to your books on journaling. These posts are simply stunning! I wonder if you could tell me a little about the paper you used for the pages?
    I've been making books for a few years but am not particularly inventive. Yet, working with the various papers is so fun. I can't stay away from paper shops, office supplies in thrift stores, art shops, etc.

    1. Hi Jane- Thank you for your kind comment. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying this blog. I wish I could help you locate the paper I've been using, but it is very hard to track down. I bought my first paper from Marco Brunello of Cartiera Clandestine in Venice two years ago at the ILDE book arts festival in Barcelona. I was so in love with the paper that when I used up my original little quaderno I emailed a friend in Barcelona and asked her how I might buy more of Marco's paper. She was able to get a few sheets from him and sold them to me this past April when I was at this year's ILDE festival in Barcelona. But Marco was not at the ILDE festival this year, and so I could only buy those few sheets, from which I made two or three small sketchbooks. I have searched the web to try to buy his paper to no avail. I think his is a very small project and the only way to get it might be to see if my friend can get some more from him. You can look for his website-- his company is called Cartiera Clandestine. If you succeed in buying paper from him, please let me know! Marco's paper is made from recycled papers from students at an art college as well as recycled cotton and linen cloth and abaca.
      All that said, there is another lovely paper that you CAN order from Zecchi in Firenze (Florence). This small art supply store makes their own peerless watercolor paints as well as gorgeous peachy colored watercolor paper. You can find their catalog on line at Good luck!