Sunday, October 25, 2015


A few months ago I put a piece of furry sheepskin on a chair seat thinking that Jesse would like to sleep on it.  He has ignored it of course.  But then this morning something clicked in his little brain, and he settled down on the furry chair seat and slept like it was his favorite place in the world.

On the right is a wooly bear that we saw this morning while walking around the lake.  It was almost completely red.  What's the deal-- cold winter or warm winter predicted by this caterpillar?
Out at Beaver Lake there were several late season boaters including this woman who had a peddle boat, very sweet little boat with a rudder thing on the back for steering while peddling and with a two-paddle oar clipped to the side for emergencies, such as when she tried to back out of the bank (5775) and ended up poling her way back into the water.

Drawing 5774 is the place where Jacob and I used to launch our canoe before we had a slip at the lake, when he was around 5 years old and we had to portage the boat through the neighborhood from his house.  It sat on a little folding set of wheels that we would fold up and carry with us in the canoe.

Drawing 5776 is of the lone turtle that was trying to sun itself on this mostly cloudy breezy day.

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