Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bitternut Hickory

The bitternut hickory nut that I picked up in its yellowish husk the other day has split along four seams.  I could tell by the bite marks that a squirrel had been eating the husk, but it had not broken inside.  I took a matte knife and sliced down the splits a bit and it opened out.  Not the most exciting drawings of the week, but they'll do for 10:45 PM.  Maya and I sewed two halloween costumes this afternoon and evening.  She had the idea of turning hoodies into a dog and a cat, one for her friend and one for her.  She knew exactly what we needed to do, drew the pattern pieces, found the material in our supply bags, gave me some assignments, and then did the bulk of the job herself.  They came out great!

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