Monday, October 5, 2015

Post-Storm Clouds

The sun came out almost all day today for the first real time in a couple of weeks!  The sky was amazing!  It was deep blue and filled with compacted, oddly-shaped clouds as well as gigantic soft-edged cloud banks.  I've seen skies like this after the mistral (very strong wind) in France a couple of times, but never before here.  Today there were little fish-shaped clouds floating in schools, shredded clouds that looked like a bag of foam pieces had been scattered, and huge banks of dense white clouds with soft edges.  I could hardly drive for looking.  At every traffic light I whipped out my sketchbook and sketched some cloud shapes.

Also shown here are 's miraculous figs that we picked from her very own fig tree.  She planted the little tree three or so years ago, and it has done well but dies back every winter and none of its figs ever ripen.  After all the rain we've had the past few weeks, those hard little green babies plumped up and turned purplish yellowish green.  When we bit into them this afternoon at book club, we tasted the best figs ever.

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  1. i love figs and have had so few fresh ones i can count them on one hand. oh to have my own tree!