Friday, February 10, 2017

Two Days of Sacchi di Stupidita

Jesse responds to the news yesterday.  I love the Italian expression sacco di stupidita, which means a sack of stupidity.  That pretty much sums up the actions of the repugs and the LoPVotUS these past couple of days.
The best thing about yesterday was the arrival by post of a supply of my favorite pens (9097) from my friend Pia in Barcelona!  For some obscure reason these pens have never been available in the US.  Maybe there's some Kinder Egg -like safety reason???
More reactions from Jesse.
Today I made it down to the chicken yard in the beautiful apricot-colored late afternoon.  


  1. I'm loving that Jesse has the same reactions that I do to this big hot mess in DC. I'm interested in hearing what your acronym " LoPVotUS " means. I think I'm going to love it. Thanks for keeping it real!

    1. Thanks! LoPVotUS= Loser of the Popular Vote of the US