Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lovely Chickies and a Guest Blogger

Mike's chickens are diverse and beautiful.  Here are (clockwise from top left)  a Delaware, a Buff Orpington, a Production Red, and a Silver Laced Wyandote.
Above are a big Kosher King rooster and a Delaware plus a goofy drawing of a little hen sitting in a corner of the coop, maybe a Silver Laced Wyandote.
And here's a page of Delawares.
Up in the left corner is a Tic Tac that I drew as a demo for 8 year old Barno, who is starting 100 drawings!
This is his drawing #6.
And his drawing #3.
He likes his drawing #13 because he was figuring out how to depict transparency.  I can't wait to see his #100.

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