Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Maplewood then on to Enfield

We went to Turtle Back Zoo near Maplewood yesterday, and here are some highlights:  it's a well-done zoo, with large fields and environments for the animals, some of which are rescues.  In the bison area were four or five beautiful bisons.  This small bird was nearby.

The greater rhea looked like a small emu, and the capiburra like a very large groundhog.  Good speed drawing practice , also practice drawing with a child tugging at my arm!
A sad - looking little donkey in a yard with a few ponies.  Does anyone go to the zoo without children in tow?
One of Nate's favorites, an injured bald eagle. The rest of these are quick sketches from Amtrak waiting room at Penn station.
This woman was frantically reading fb newsfeed and showing outrageous items to her friend, who was hunched over her own phone.
Since everyone nearby was staring at a phone I got lots of practice drawing hands clutching phones and readers!

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