Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Walking Like an Egyptian

I know you're a little bored with my fascination with the Egyptian walking onions, but these things have stretched their way out of their tissue-thin wraps and are now waving like toes in the air as they gain sufficient weight to bend their stalks down to the soil! 
But the real surprise of the day was that while P and I were eating out on the back porch we spied a large bobcat strolling through the back yard. For years we've heard that one of these lives up on Jones Mountain, but no one had seen it except one woman who had maybe spotted it once around 20 years ago.  

It was muscular and tawny, and only about 20 feet away from us.  We raced to find Jesse, who was at the front door and shot inside.  He has been glued to the screen on the porch for the last hour.

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