Friday, May 27, 2016

Catch-Up: 100 Drawings, Part 1

As you've probably heard, airport security screening is expected to take longer than usual due to more careful screening by fewer people.  Asheville airport has done its best to erect a labyrinthine maze and to add an extra screening booth and conveyor.  No more people than usual on Tuesday morning at 7:00.
And here are some of them in the waiting room.
And more at the gate in CLT.  I decided to draw only men just to add in a challenge sort of.
We're still on Tuesday here!  More men, and then a curious little poppet that was in a pile of Abby's stuff.  It was definitely homemade with a child-drawn face.  Hmmm.  On the right some treats from a little cafe bake shop in Maplewood.
I had two free days with my friend A, who came down from Vermont to hang out in Manhattan with me before E left on Friday and my working time started.  Our first trip was to the Morgan Library where we saw, among other things, an intriguing little show of power figures attached to spikes and nails and used to join buildings in the ancient middle east to the earth.
More of the Ancient Foundations show on the left, and on the right a start of a view on the Highline and some sculptural pieces from a garden there.
On our second day A and I went to the Rubin Museum to see an eerie show by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of constructed fetish objects.
I had read a review of this show in the NYTimes and was lured in by a photo of the piece on the right.
Part of the show was the option to contribute a fetishistic offering.  I made the little doll at top left with Nate and Abby's help and directions.  In return I received a card with a red Psychic cross on it as a return offering.  The show was titled "Try to Alter Everything."

A left Friday morning, and so did E.  The rest of these drawings are from things around the house and from neighborhood outings with the kids.  On the top right is the rubble left from the tearing down of the old Maplewood post office.  Nate and I used to enjoy counting and drawing the 22 mail trucks that parked there every afternoon and hunting for rubber bands in the parking lot.  We reminisced about these outings while I drew and he told me details to include.
 A page of portraits including two of the sunflower seedlings we had potted.  This is getting too long for one day!  Will finish tomorrow.

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