Monday, May 9, 2016


I've had this little dried up bud or immature cone on my drawing table for about a month.  I picked it up in the middle of the street, near a large magnolia tree; so I have an idea it might be a bud that fell off and never developed.  (7114). It's dry and crackly, about the size of a large palmetto bug/roach and similar in color.  These drawings show the progress of the dissection.

My first experience of botanical drawing was in third grade when Sister Sheila, my teacher, asked me to stay after school every day for a week and copy some botanical drawings that she had borrowed from someone.  She was unable to draw well enough to copy them so she asked me to do it for her, an assignment for a class she was taking.  I enjoyed drawing them very much, especially the ones that were of microscopic things.   

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