Saturday, May 28, 2016

Catch Up: 100 Drawings Part 2

It was very tricky to draw at the Liberty Science Museum, but while K had Abby downstairs in a little kids' room, I took Nate to the Infinity Net(?), which he loved and climbed through half a dozen times.  My job was to wait outside the net, which was essentially some curved step-like platforms enclosed in a net, slung out at second story level over the main lobby;  a little pause for drawing.
On the left is Abby in motion while asking me to draw her.  On the right are three drawings of a park bench.  I had stopped in the park after walking the kids to their school/bus stop.
On the left are little studies of nannies, moms, and little kids at the duck pond.  On the right are kids at the playground when I brought Abby there after school.  The little boy at top left was collecting sticks.  Abby is very social and likes to join in, so she kept bringing him sticks, which he kept rejecting--too short, too crooked, too fat.  She never gave up, and when she finally succeeded in giving him a good stick, he thanked her and said "that's a mikvah, which means a good thing to do."
The top left are more from Monday playground.  Bottom left are Tuesday morning before school when K and I took Abby to the barber shop for a bangs trim.  She was very pleased.
Tuesday night's excellent dinner, roasted kale salad with seared scallops for the grownups.  Recipe continues below:

I spent time during school hours Wednesday making a little Native American garden out in the backyard where all the square foot garden beds are, and then sketching the salad garden and the poolside table umbrella.
Airport and in-air drawings on the way home.  

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