Friday, March 20, 2015

On the Table at Critique

The table at critique group this morning , a visual feast.  In-progress pieces, fragile, tentative beginnings, almost-hatched projects, finished work on its way to exhibitions-- at top left several copies of L's digital edition all but finished but needing a little design input;  below that two utilitarian objects, M's glasses folded and no longer being used so much;  M's notebook;  at bottom, part of one of F's projects-- paper that he made from okra last year and then printed the Cherokee words for Red and White on, before burying it under leaves along a trail in the forest-- now being used in a book that will document the installation.  On the right, H's in-process ceramic and wire piece, up for discussion and troubleshooting.
On this page some of M's finished paper mache painterly sculptural pieces on their way to exhibit, and stuck in at the bottom a fragment from the rubbing I brought that was made from the carved block for my night game piece.

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  1. how marvelous to have a critique group! i'm guessing that the paper f is a certain frank i know?!